Monday, May 11, 2015

Set the Atmosphere for Creativity

Being that I just love creativity, and knowing that you need the right atmosphere to get creative, here is an awesome set of tunes, probably geared toward my fellow nerds, that should help.
I grew up playing video games and fell in love with the RPG genre.  The character and story development always captured me.  This music is taken from one of the most successful RPG sagas in history, Final Fantasy.  If you're an RPG fan you've more than likely at least heard of this series and if you haven't played it yet, you NEED to make it a thing.
I know, most of the time I'm writing about worship, and leading, and stuff..... Today seemed like a great day to just have some fun!  Make sure you get some time to kick back and relax for a bit folks!  Break out your oldschool gaming system and lay in to some bad guys!!!

I aspire to one day write a mind blowingly amazing adventure novel.  I've developed some character ideas already but haven't really fleshed anything out.  Sometimes I'll sit down with my sketch pad and just scribble out some ideas of how these characters could look.  Other times I write their back story and imagine myself as that character.  But every time i sit down to write like this, even as I'm writing to you now, I need some atmosphere, so I put on something that will stir up my brains creativity and these songs work amazingly well.  You can also find these with full orchestra, and they are EPIC!

So my bottom line here is this:
1. Take time to refresh. Relax and do the things you enjoy!  I read a ton, and love the occasional old school video game.
2. When you're recharged and feeling that creative urge, make sure you have a space that holds the atmosphere you need to cultivate those creative ideas.

Who knew that such incredible music could come out of video games. 
This particular song set is taken from one of the video game industry's top ranked game of all time, Final Fantasy VII.