Friday, May 22, 2015

Love is Not a Fight (a Warren Barfield Cover)

I wrote a post a little while back about songs that just punch you in the heart, in a good way.  This happens to be one of those, for me.
Love is Not a Fight is absolute poetry that paints a picture of what love truly is.  It's not something we fall in and out of.  Love is not something that just happens because love, at it's core, is God.  God is a purposeful, creative Father, so why would we think love to be any different?  Love is not simply emotion, but an action that is demonstrated through peace, and pain, and joy, and sadness, and hurt, and healing, and so many other things.  Love is not something meant to be left behind.
I love this song and just had to do a cover of it, though I actually recorded it quite a while ago.  Time to revisit and share the fun!

Here is Warren Barfield's "Love is Not a Fight".