Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How To Tell When Your Ministry Has The Wrong Focus

This is such an incredible word!  I've been under leadership like this in the past and have seen the damage a ministry can do to it's people when the focus is shifted from where it truly needs to be.
I encourage you to read through this article and maybe take some time to consider your own ministry.

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JD Greear writes: Sadly, most of us can all too easily recount stories of pastors who betrayed their congregations, who hurt the very people God had called them to love, who—in short—made their ministry all about them… As a Christian leader, I don’t hear stories like that and congratulate myself. I hear them and tremble. Because the same pride that has shipwrecked countless other ministries lives in my heart. And in yours.
We need to be constantly vigilant for signs that our ministry has become all about us. Here are a few…  Read more...