Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When You Don't Feel Like a Leader

I don't know that there is a single leader out there, anywhere, that hasn't had multiple moments of feeling broken and inadequate.  Personally, I can attest to this sentiment and, to be open and honest, I still battle with this at times.  I am an imperfect leader with junk in his life.  But Jesus...
So how do we as leaders respond when we need to lead but are in that place of "I don't know if I'm cut out for this"?

Lets take a look at yet another entry from our friends at The Verge Network.  This is a fantastic article that will be sure to encourage you and hopefully equip you with some useful tools.

Exhausted by the struggle to have it all together? Feeling like everyone else has it all figured out but you? In this 5 minute video, three women have an open and honest discussion about what it looks like to be a leader even when you feel unready, inadequate, and far (oh so far!) from perfect.