Friday, March 20, 2015

Stank Face: Snarky Puppy

So these guys deserve one big, giant, scrunchy, stank face.

Now let me clarify.  The "stank face", however unattractive, is not only a compliment given by listeners, but often a reflex that musicians cannot fully control.  Guitarists will sink their fingertips in to the neck, bending those strings, and BAM.  Stank face.  If you're a musician you know exactly what I'm talking about and DON'T even try to deny it.  Like I said, it's a reflex.  Just revel in the stanky goodness. 

There are rare moments throughout my life where I've come across collaborative music that's as truly great as Snarky Puppy.  There sound is one that is rich, and chewy, and will constantly cause you to turn and say "Oh!  Whats that!?"
It's creativity blended with GREAT writing, and musicianship that's ventured far beyond talent.  These folks have sharpened whatever talent they were blessed with in to true skill.  My friends, if you have not yet dipped your ears in to the sounds of Snarky Puppy you simply NEED to take a coffee break and dive on in.

Here's "Free Your Dreams", featuring Chantae Cann.