Monday, March 16, 2015

Platform: Social Justice and The Worship Leader

Action.  It's that simple.
Being a worship leader is so much more than leading people in 1 fast song and 2 slow songs, or 3 slow songs if the spirit is REALLY moving.  Being a leader means living out your worship daily in non-music settings.
One of the most valuable tools I've learned to use is my "platform".  As a leader on stage every week I've gained a pretty significant amount of face time with people.  I love this fact, not because I get attention or any kind of spotlight, I would quite honestly be totally content not being on a stage at all, but because I can now use this clout, or whatever you want to call it, to connect with people and inspire them to take action.  When I was gigging around the Northwest I used to network with all kinds of artists, some who've really taken off now, and I would see them broadcast the work a charity they were interested in was doing.  I was very blessed to have played shows with some of these artists on multiple occasions and saw people take action and respond to the artist's prompting at every single one of those shows.  They were using their platform to broadcast and inspire.
Now I'm not suggesting you get up and interrupt your worship set to give a short speech on why the world needs clean water (although I am rather passionate about this subject... Check this out...) but I am saying that you need to recognize the platform you've been given and the potential impact you could make.
What this all boils down too is a responsibility to take action.  As worship leaders our lives should reflect the heart of our father (as every Jesus lover's should). 

Here is a fantastic article from The Verge Network that I think I you guys may find interesting.

I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of “justice.” In our culture, social justice has become a bit of a buzz word and it’s hard to figure out how we as Christians respond to overwhelming and tragic issues of injustice in our world. Growing up, I had a very narrow view of “justice.” Immediately my mind went to things like judges, prisons, and the TV show “COPS.” But a broader view of justice, and our role to be people pursuing justice, is essential to the life of the Christian leader.   Read More...