Monday, March 2, 2015

Mumford & Sons Evolves

"We felt that doing the same thing just wasn’t for us," Marcus Mumford says of the band's electric third LP. ~Rolling Stone

What happens when a band or artist evolves?  I don't think it's anything like those weird little monsters in that video game I played when I was a kid.  What was it called?  Pokeeman?  Ok, I'll be totally honest and admit that I am quite familiar with the game and still to this day might, though I admit to nothing, pick up the ol' Gameboy and go for a few rounds of animal cruelty (cuz lets be honest).  BUT ANYWAY.

It is truly something amazing when a group can take what they've been and transform in to something totally new.  In this case, it looks like Mumford and Sons may be doing just that.  Relevant Magazine has some great insight in to the bands "all electric" album venture. Let's check it out!

"Yep. Mumford's New Album Will Be All Electric."