Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Infants & Lions

This is a word that struck me pretty hard this morning. I’ve been digging in to a message series called “Prophecy: Make it personal”, brought to you by one of my favorite people and pastors on the planet, Pastor Clint Hatton. In the most recent installment, he challenges us to begin journal-ling as God speaks to our hearts because God often speaks through journal-ling. So I started to journal as I pumped worship music in to the atmosphere and prayed. This is what hit me…

I see the image of a lion, he is the leader of the pride. He stands calm and peaceful, yet terrifying and strong. He is pacing, circling an infant. The baby is crying as he circles, but its not because of the lion that the baby cries. The lion stops pacing and stands with his back to the baby, ready to defend the child. He suddenly releases a mighty roar! As he shouts, I can see the sound cutting through the atmosphere as if the air was water. The blast rockets out from where he stands, towards a great army that is approaching. It strikes like a missile and completely destroys anything or anyone in its wake. The roar carves a clear path straight through the giant wall of enemies.

The baby stopped crying and the lion turned and laid down, snuggling the baby close.
As the lion nuzzles the child, he turns and softly licks the him. Its as if the lion is bathing one of his own cubs, and with each touch of his tongue, the child grows bigger and stronger.

As they are peacefully sitting together, the enemy returns another attack. Its an attempt to flood the area where they lay. But the lion calmly rises to his feet and takes stance in front of the child once again. This time, he needs not even open his mouth. A massive wave thunders towards them and just as it reaches the two, it splits, completely missing them both. The child at this point has grown in to a man and is now sleeping. The lion turns back to the child after the water has passed and this time lays down on top of him. As his body relaxes, he fades from view into the body of the child.
The man awakens and gets to his feet. His eyes are full of fire and he has a main flowing like that of the lion. When he opened his mouth, the same roar that came from the lion earlier erupted from his spirit. It again cut through the atmosphere around him.

The enemy had come back once again at this point and this time was attempting to sneak up on him. But they could not hide, for his eyes were full of the fire of the lion and his spirit ears keen to their footsteps.

The enemies slowly came out of the brush around the area he stood, spears in hand. He turned to each one and let out a mighty roar, but the enemies did not die and were not even blown away… They were changed.

The blast of sound caused them to transform back to an infant state.
The man dropped to one knee and prayed, and the lion emerged, seemingly from his body, and nuzzled each of the infants, bathing them as well, each one growing just as the first child did.
When each of them had become full grown, the stood with the other man, all of them with majestic mains and fiery eyes.