Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Don't Unerestimate Them: 4 Ideas For Leading Worship in Kids Ministry

Too many of us underestimate our kids when it comes to worship.  I am guilty of it for sure.  I understand that kids tend to have a shorter attention span than all of us grown ups (or at least those of us without ADHD.....OOOH SHINY!)  but shouldn't we want to give them the opportunity to experience Jesus the way we do?

Here are 4 ideas for leading worship in kids ministry.  You'll find that I tap in to the fantastic resources offered by The Verge Network quite a bit.  They have some truly fantastic insight and I hope you use it to your advantage! GROW!!!

Via The Verge Network:
"My name is Jesse Saunders, I am the Austin Stone KIDS band coach, and I lead worship with our grade school students (1st-5th grade) at the St. John campus.
In our KIDS large group worship times, we have 4 primary goals..."  Read more...