Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Creative Constipation

If you're a creative person you probably, literally, have creative cravings that come on out of nowhere.  Sometimes they are triggered by something you see or hear, but other times (for me its usually the most inopportune time of my day...Like the toilet) it just hits you!

You're going about your day, minding your own business, and WHAM.  Suddenly you absolutely have to create something.  Its like getting hit in the face by Hulk Hogan, if he was cupid, and cupid gave out creativity instead of a crush... 

But what happens when you hit a block?  I suppose sometimes it is just a block you bump in to or smack your head on and something great may be on the other side (darn you Mario!).
But what do you do when you REALLY get stuck?  Like, "holy crud I have no idea where to go with this lyric.  NOTHING rhymes with orange!"

Without going in to a bunch of details you probably wont need, here are a few little tips to help get the juices flowing again.

1.  Know what you want to say.
Think about the story or the message of your song.  Whats the basic idea?

2.  Think about your audience.
If you're a blogger this is VERY important.  Who are you writing too?

3.  Go back and read or listen to some of your old work.
This is actually a huge one for me.  Its encouraging to hear some of the things I've already created and helps get my brain working again.

4. Focus on whats in front of you.
I suffer from ADHD (although I think it only aids in making life more entertaining at times) and can easily become distracted.  When I write I have to find a space that will help foster the creative process. Right now, living with my lovely wife and our 2 year old in rather cramped quarters, this "creative space" is the back seat of my car.  Find a spot that works for you!