Monday, December 22, 2014

Wrecked for Christmas

Folks, I am completely head over heals in love.
Yep. And the girl drives me totally crazy much of the time.
She's loud, tries to eat everything in sight, sometimes runs around wearing nothing but her pink, light up, princess shoes, and literally poops herself at least once a day.
*sigh* But I cant help it.  The way she smiles at me, and literally screams and dances when I come home from work, and speaks sweet and completely unrecognizable garbled words when I call her on the phone.  Be still my heart.

My little Cora has WRECKED me in the best possible way.  I can't get enough of her and this daddy is overjoyed to teach her about Christmas and to create some AMAZING memories!

Merry Christmas sweet girl. Your daddy loves you more than you know, and will never stop doing his best to let you know just how much that is.  You done me in kiddo.  I am fully wrecked and reduced to a pile of festive, pine scented, mush because of what you do to me. (Please note that Zach does not actually smell of pine.)

Photo by Mason Wheeler