Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa is staying in our families Christmas

My wife and I had a very interesting conversation the other night regarding Santa and if we are planning to "release the Christmas crackin" with our daughter (who is almost 2).  Both our parents did the Santa thing with us and we both have nothing but amazing memories of those years.  As a child, there was a mystery and intense excitement that came with the belief in good ol Kris Kringle, and then an overflow of Joy when we woke on Christmas morning.

Yes, we loved getting things, and honestly still do to this day.  My dad just got my brothers and I a nifty little toy called the Ollie, which is a mobile controlled robot that travels up to 15mph and can perform some pretty slick stunts, and we are loving the thing!  Gifts are good!  Things are good!  Our families never ever let us become so infatuated with 'stuff' that we lose sight of why Christmas even happens.  It was always about Jesus.  Even in the midst of all the trinkets and toys, Jesus was, and still is, the center of our Christmas.  They also never let us 'worship' the idea of Santa Clause.  He was NEVER a figure who replaced the savior.

So where am I going with this?  Well, I'll let you read a little article that we found.  Sarah and I had already made up our minds about Santa well before reading this article.  The author does a fantastic job of explaining why Santa belongs in our children s Christmas.

With that said, go ahead and read for yourself.  Whatever you decide is best for your family will be awesome!  Build memories!  Saturate your kids in those memories!  But stop and think about your choice to judge a families decision to enjoy the fantastic story of Santa Clause because it truly is a beautiful thing.