Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Funny Valentine featuring Edan Dover

Back in 2009 Sweatshop Studios snagged me and flew me out to their AMAZING facility in Katonah New York.  Seriously folks, this place is GORGEOUS.  I had been a part of the Facebook Idol competition they hosted and, while I was not the official winner, Sweatshop liked my music enough to pursue making some more of it and thus the adventure began (I've included an extra video below the first one.  Its an excerpt from my 'Zach Trandum Takes New York' DVD. Watch it to learn more about the trip!)
After a long day in studio, we skittered down (skittered!?) to the Sinsin Leopard Lounge in Eastside New York City and played an amazing show for an incredible and loving crowd.  Edan was kind enough to join me on stage for a couple songs, one of those being a great old jazz standard. Enjoy!