Thursday, December 25, 2014


Everyone has an outlet.  Some dive in to digital worlds and lose themselves in an interactive storyline, others press pen to paper and craft those stories.  Some head straight to the kitchen to create  delicious masterpieces fit for a king, while others simply kick back, coffee in hand, and let their imagination run wild between the pages of a good book.
There are some that have chosen other methods of coping with reality.  Some drown themselves at the bottom of a bottle, or get lost in a haze of smoke and powder.  I have family members who've battled with addiction.  Heck, I've battled with it myself.  We look for something to lean in to for that, however momentary, escape from stress and strife.

My song, Lush, is a metaphor.  In the tune I describe music as being a drink, one I can't put down.  It's a fix I will always crave, an addiction that will only grow stronger.  Basically, it's my confession that music is my escape.   (The song is available on iTunes!)