Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'll Be Your Friend

As a songwriter, I think many of us pull from our own experiences and emotions.  But I also believe that many songwriters have developed the ability to put themselves in the shoes of another and write from a totally different perspective.
While I was waiting for the train, headed to the airport in New York from Sweatshop Studios, I started a conversation with a young Hip-Hop artist who really had some great creativity going!  He threw down a few lines of his most recent song right there.  The song was written from the perspective of the hat, tie, and shoes, of the aspiring, hard working, starving artist as they observed him pouring his blood sweat and tears in to his dreams.  Loved it!
Well, this song, I'll Be Your Friend, has absolutely nothing to do with hats, ties, or even shoes, but I did write it from the perspective of one reaching out to a friend in the midst of extreme pain, though I wasn't experiencing anything like that at the time.
I hope you enjoy the tune!