Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And A Plant

Let’s be honest folks.  Let’s just be brutally honest, right here, right now.  It’s time to get serious and stop lying to ourselves and just admit the truth.

The Ducktales theme song is the most catchy cartoon theme song in the universe.  Without fail, even if you can’t sing all the lyrics, you instinctively know exactly where to place the “woo woo”, and the truth in all of this is that there really were race cars, lasers, and air planes.  What a duck blur.

I’m simply venting the, rather large, space in my heart that still loves to kick back on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons, as I’m sure so many of you still love to do.  I remember all of the old shows that used to tickle my fancy (sorry fancy, I know you hate being tickled, but sometimes it just needs to happen) every weekend!  There is just something special about plopping down on the couch with a big bowl of Kix, smothered in scoops of sugar, remote in hand.  Just close your eyes for a moment and dream with me (ok, figuratively cuz you can’t read with your eyes closed).

You wake up, rub the sleep from your eyes, and slowly force yourself out of bed.  At first you consider crawling back in and pulling the covers up over your head, in an attempt to shield you from the world around…But then…

You remember that you’re about to find out if the Green Ranger is going to be a good guy or a bad guy!  How will Zordon respond!?  And after that, Batman is going to fight Clay Face!  And then Sailor Moon will undoubtedly kill some crazed monster thing, using her weird tiara thing, and save the city along with the other Sailors (why did they call them sailors anyway?  They don’t even live on a boat.  The talking cat was a nice touch though).

My point is this,

I am a kid at heart and will probably watch cartoons until the day I finally shut my eyes and meet my creator, who will then ask me if I remember the weird episode of Rugrats, where they ventured inside Chuckies body and found an undigested peace of gum as they were trying to save him from the watermelon seed he’d swallowed.  We will chuckle, and then sit down to enjoy an episode of whatever crazy stations heaven gets.

Though that wasn’t much of a point… I feel better now, having vented.  Please go about your business and leave me to my work desk…Which is covered in toy cars and the avengers… And one transformer… And a Batman mug… And a plant.