Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Artists You NEED To Listen To!

Christmas and New Years are probably two of my favorite holidays. Both represent newness and refreshing and after a long year, full of both good and bad challenges, some newness and refreshing is just what the doctor ordered. And lets be honest, getting gifts on Christmas is pretty sweet, unless you got some hand me down toe nail clippers or something...Unless thats what you wanted...Then awesome! What types of things did you all get from Santa? I gotta say that I LOVED getting an Itunes gift card from a gift exchange AND then one from my sister in-law. Here are the artists I found and have fallen in love with! I highly recommend you pick up their albums! You will NOT regret it!

Johnny Swim Home
This dynamic duo carries a smokey soul in their vocals while buttering everything else with a heartfelt, lyrically delicious, folk sound.  Their harmonies flow perfectly together and they even spice things up a bit with some Spanish on track 3, "Adelina".

The Gabe Dixon Band
Pianist Gabe Dixon has completely blown me away with their self titled album.  I cant stop listening!
Gabe's vocals invoke an honesty that can, honestly, be hard to find in most mainstream music.  With his skilled piano playing as the cherry on top, their writing and arranging is, for lack of a better term, top notch.  What a drink of water!

Ernie Halter
Now I've talked about Ernie before, but I had to pop in and share his new record, "Hi-Fidelity".  One of the things I love about Ernie is his genuine love for people.  He's constantly putting up new youtube videos and making simple, yet tasty, recordings like this available.  "Hi-Fidelity", I'm assuming, is a response to a record he put out years ago called "Low-Fidelity".  Both sported the same fantastic, skillful, soul that Ernie brings with each note, and both were recorded with just him and his guitar or piano.  Simple. Soulful.  LOVE IT!