Sunday, January 6, 2013

21 Day Fast: Day 1 "Ants On A Log"

Its time to kick off the new year... Well, I guess we kinda alraedy did that on the 1st... But now I'm REALLY kicking it off the right way.  By depriving myself of everything except fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, and water (probably som all natural fruit/veggie juice in there too).

"Zach, why would you take part in such madness as this!?"
Well my friend, though I do love meat, I love God much more and believe that, through fasting, refreshing, breakthrough, encouragement, wisdom, vision and so many other things are found!

You see, fasting brings you to a place where your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is intensified.  Its design is meant to bring us in to a much deeper intimacy with God!

So without going in to a load of detail, at least right this moment, I've officially kicked off a 21 day fast and am BEYOND excited to see and hear what God has for me and my family!

What will I do when that urge to munch hits me?  Well eat of course!!!  Except good things!!!
Todays Daniel fast friendly treat....