Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Apocalypse Party

*sigh* New Year ’s Eve. A day filled with Martinelli’s sparkling cider, irritating fire crackers, Christmas trees, that are probably a fire hazard at this point, and parties!  Parties with family, parties with friends, parties with strangers if that doesn’t creep you out at all, and other kinds of joyous merry making.   This year’s party plans may consist of apocalypse preparation games like, dodge the meteor and duck duck BOOM! Riveting speeches detailing your families escape route to the underground shelter daddy just built, in case those pesky Mayans got it right, may polish off your evening.  Or maybe, like me, you expect that the Mayans were, in fact, a race entirely made of practical jokers the likes of which the world has never seen since.  I mean come on!  If you had a chance to trick the unsuspecting folks, in 3012, in to thinking the world was going to end because our super advanced, scientificky, weather balloon collided with an owl on March 22nd, which happened to be the day the planets aligned and prophetically told us that our calendar ends on 12/12/3012, when, in fact, that owl was blind and ran in to a low flying hot air balloon in April, and it was cloudy that night so you couldn’t actually see the stars, you would probably do it.  I’m only being honest, I know I would. I’m looking forward to poking about online this evening, reading about some of the crazy ideas that have sprung up from the Mayans masterful mischief.  Maybe I'll pop in and drop a few videos here for you to enjoy, or maybe I'll be playing super mario in my underground shelter hoping the power doesnt go out.