Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some Music That Makes Me Tick

I think that God created us to operate like a fuel system.  As we feed in fuel energy is generated.  For those of you who are the uber creative types, like me, we fuel ourselves with things like art, specific songs, poetry and all sorts of stuff!  There may be someone of a more analytical mind reading today and you may be fueled up by things of that nature.  The fact remains that we are a creation that needs fuel of many different types.  So what recharges you?  Inspires you?  Excites you?  Maybe it’s something that angers you, and the beauty in that is that anger can be used to fuel change!  So think about it!
As a singer/songwriter, I am fueled by truly great lyrics and music, both Christian and secular.  I also have a heart to see the gifts stirred up in others!  So if you are a songwriter or musician looking for direction and inspiration, check out some of these artists!  I use their music to recharge my creative batteries and then jump in to creativity of my own.
John Mayer: I’m still stuck on his album “Continuum”, but I think he has accomplished writing truly great music on each and every album.
Israel Hougton:  Many of you probably already know or have at least heard of John Mayer and Israel Houghton.  But have you really sat back to listen?  Check out my fav Israel album “Power of One”.
Matt Morris: This writer is another that has a knack for finding truly fantastic lyrics and then spinning them in a beautiful blend of acoustic guitar and pop/hip hop.  Check out his album, “When Everything Breaks Open”.
David Ryan Harris: This acoustic driven, soul filled artist has a way of taking simplicity and making it feel like the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.  David Ryan Harris actually plays and sings with John Mayer much of the time. Check him out!!
Kurt Elling: This vocal power house truly reflects what it means to sharpen your craft.  Kurt Elling pulls from influences like Mark Murphy and, the father of vocalese, John Hendrix, while harkening back to classics like Ella Fitzgerald and the Count Basie Orchestra.  Kurt Elling can take a tune and completely make it sound new again. Check out his version of “The Best Things Happen While Your Dancing”, from my favorite Xmas movie ever, “White Christmas”.
Idea of North: This is an Australian based acapella group with a knack for creating fantastic vocal scores from various genres and decades of music.  They did a version of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” that COMPLETELY floored me!  Check them out!  You won’t regret it!
Allen Stone: Allen is an amazing young man with an incredible gift!  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to play a show with him years ago at a café in my home town.  To tell you the truth, when Allen jumped up and took the stage, I not only felt inspired but intimidated!  His music is amazingly soulful and will not fail in getting you moving!  He has recently been featured on, I think, The Jimmy Kimmel Show and various others!  Should he find himself reading this… SO excited for you brother!  It’s been great watching you rise!
All of the above artists are in no particular order, but each and every one holds an amazing creative ability. So take it in!!!