Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coffee Drinking Yeti Sloth

So if you walked in to a Starbucks and saw a yeti standing at the front counter, angry because his half caf, triple tall, soy, light caramel, whipped good, perfectly stirred, quadruple blended, vanilla latte wasn’t exactly 190 degrees, I would venture to guess that you would probably run in fear!  I know I would!  I mean come on, a yeti that hasn’t had his morning brew yet, AND he’s ticked!  Something’s about to go down, that’s all I’m sayin’.
But in all seriousness (well as serious as you can be with that sort of thing), that type of fear is called wisdom.  You know that going up against something like an angry caffeineless yeti is going to get you seriously injured, or killed.  But there’s another type of fear that comes straight from the pit of hell and its mission is to distract you and distance you from your destiny.  This fear kicks in when God asks you to step in to something that doesn’t make any logical sense and requires an entirely new level of trust.
This is the place he has my wife and I right now.  He is asking us to take a step that scares the pants off both of us because we don’t feel equipped to take this all on.  But we were reminded of a couple heavy hitters from the bible who were REALLY faced with fear, and for good reason!  God was asking them to step in to some things that were all kinds of craycray!
Let’s take a look at Moses first.  Its speculated that Moses had a speech problem (I like to think it was something like Sid the sloth, cuz that makes me giggle) AND he happened to be a murderer!  Let’s think about this using pure logic…
Sid+killed a guy= nope.
Usually that would mean that you’re not going to carry much weight when approaching a super power like pharaoh.  That or it was going to get you killed. Moses had EVERY reason to be scared out of his robe, but he had an encounter with the almighty creator of the universe that changed him forever and ultimately set him up to become one of the most famous men to ever live.  Had Moses listened to his fear, he would have missed out on the overwhelmingly powerful destiny God had in store for him! Now look at Gideon and the completely crazy illogical move God asked him to make.  Gideon was going up against a HUGE army and initially had one of his own that could pack a punch with its own size.  But God wanted to do something beyond imagination, so he reduced Gideon’s army to 300 men!!!  How do you think that conversation went? “Um… Lord, I don’t know if you’ve noticed…Maybe you just counted wrong or something… But they have like, the equivalent of the national debt fighting on their side… And we have a grande hazelnut latte from Starbucks over here…We don’t even have the angry Yeti.  Whatchyoo thinkin!?” You see, Gods plan was to do something SO incredible with just those 300 men!  And he did!!!  They won the battle!!! I’m sharing these thoughts with you today because I don’t want you to miss out on what God has for you because you’re scared.  If there’s no fear, there’s no growth!  When God wants to move you forward, grow you, and elevate you, that means that your effectiveness is going to grow as well!  Your tools will be sharpened!  Your armor reinforced!  But it’s going to take sacrifice.   Don’t be afraid to face fear, because God standing behind you will scare it off!