Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Mornin thinkin time...And Stuff

There are some mornings, when I sit down to write, that I cant really find anything interesting to say.  So I respond to this black hole of “non- brainness” by trying to spin something on the spot, in whatever fashion I can.  This mornings fashion seems to be… broken…  In the words of one of my favorite meme legends, “I can not brain today.  I has the dumb.” -Lolcat 
I had a glorious 3 day weekend, which meant lots of time with my beautiful bride, Sarah, and lots of time to work on some administrative things for this web site and a couple others I’m tinkering with at the moment.  One of those websites will be one that my wife and I both host.  We both have a passion and love for home cooking and family life, so were jumping on the blog bandwagon together to start a simple, fun, encouraging blog devoted to all things family and cooking.  This excites me because that means hubby here gets to learn more about cooking AND gets to sample anything that wife cooks (BONUS).  It should be a fun little adventure, especially because we aren’t coming at it as if we already have all this knowledge and vast amounts of awesomeness (Ok, maybe not vast amounts of knowledge…) but rather as couple, soon to be trio, learning about things right alongside everyone else.  So you will probably see me attempt a grilling tutorial, which will pretty much be me fumbling around with a pair of tongs attempting to cook some delicious meat over my very tiny camping grill (its all I have at the moment).
Anywho, we are extremely excited to welcome you and invite you to join us as we learn and grow!