Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Locking In With Love

 It seems kinda’ funny to me how, when something goes wrong, soon after other things seem to pop in and slap you in the mouth.  Or is it simply that those things become magnified?  Well I believe we have a choice to make in times like those. 
My wife and I have a baby on the way, are currently paying out of pocket for our health insurance, and now have a car that we seem to be investing more and more finance in, and it looks like it may require a pretty penny to get it running again, though we’ve had it less than a year. 
While these challenges carry a hefty weight, did you know that we don’t have to carry a thing?  Sure we need to stay in motion, but the load is lifted because we’ve chosen to magnify, not the challenges, but the God over our challenges.  What amazes me is when we make that decision, to magnify Him above it all; He begins to magnify the people around you and their needs. 
With these things in mind, this is my prayer for me today, and as you step back and evaluate your challenges recognize that your human eyes magnify and focus on the wrong things.  You need to refocus!!!
“Father, my amazing God, my defender, peace bringer, joy giver, provider, teacher… And so many other things!  Lord I choose to magnify YOU today!  You are so high above these things I call “problems” and “challenges” that it makes me want to laugh!  It’s truly laughable!  The challenges are truly like nothing to you!  Yet you view them as more than simply nothing because you know that they affect me, your child.  God as I magnify you, would you magnify the people around me.  Change me so that I’m not merely seeing them through peripheral vision, but locking in with a love that can only come from you.  Reveal to me how I can love your people!  YOU BE MAGNIFIED!”