Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kinda Stuck...But I'm Cool.

Do you ever find yourself having days where, even amidst some pretty awesome stuff, you just feel stuck? 
Yeah, that’s kinda’ how I’m feeling today, but God is SO good and I trust Him!  I wish I could say that I had a specific message I’m trying to get across with this post, but I really don’t.  I’m simply venting a bit, hoping that some of you out there will gain some encouragement from the fumes. 
I really think that God will allow us to walk in to situations where all we can do is trust Him to work things out.   Jer 29:11 pretty much sums up His heart for us.  He really does want to give us, not just what we need, but GOOD things!  Great things!!!  His destiny for me is one of great worth and meaning in HIS eyes!  He has given me vision for HUGE things and I want to press in to Him, trusting that even when it doesn’t make sense, every single step I take will eventually hit solid ground, and when it doesn’t He will be there to catch me.
Well I guess I did end up having something to say.  Sometimes I feel more random than Sponge Bob Square Pants at Chuckey Cheese… And that my friends is very…VERY random.  Well anywho, I should have some more music up for you very soon!  I started Cover Song Saturdays and haven’t had the chance to post a new song in a couple weeks due to some craziness, but I promise to post something tasty very soon!