Friday, September 28, 2012

Hulk Hogan's Brass Knuckle Kung Fu Running

Blah, that pretty much sums up how I feel this morning…BLAH!  A word of advice to those of you who are venturing out on the road to health and fitness… Don’t SLAM it!  As good as I feel after a run, I think, yesterday my body said, “HOLYCRAPSTOPCUZYOUMIGHTDIEWHATAREYOUTHINKING!”
I still completed a mile but by the end of it I thought I was being punched in my lungs, by Hulk Hogan, wearing brass knuckles, covered in hot nails.

  While I’m at the gym I find its actually a lot easier to “get in the zone” and push through the pain, but when out on the open road, it hurts a lot more (I sense that my whining is soon going to become less entertaining…MOVING ON).  At least in the gym I can close my eyes, breathe, and go for the proverbial gold in my mind *pictures self, running in slow motion with Chariots of Fire playing in the background*.  Closing my eyes while running on the streets of Federal Way Washington, however, is going to get me in to one of 3 situations:
1.        Mugged. IPod stolen. Crying.
2.        Hit by a car after stepping off the sidewalk. Mugged. IPod stolen. Crying.
3.        Hit by some kid on their bike. Mugged by that child. IPod stolen. Crying. Child laughing at me.
So in a nutshell, it’s not a good idea to run in this city with your eyes closed as you try to get in your zone.  Although, it’s possible it’s just not a good idea to run anywhere with your eyes closed.  That’s probably the right answer, unless you’re doing something like Kung Fu running, where you have to use only your sense of smell to sense the change in the pavement.  That would be pretty amazing.

So today, rather than punishing my body with another run, I think I’ll take a bit of down time, stretch a bit, and heal up.  Already down a few pounds so I know its working!
 If you’re reading this and are in the midst of working on your health, be encouraged!  Sometimes it hurts like cray cray!  But it’s SO worth it!