Friday, September 14, 2012


I am convinced.  There is no doubt left.  It has been revealed… The coffee at work is made of lava and burnt dirt, and probably tree bark or something (I’m picking up on some earthy tones).  This morning was one of those mornings where you just want to slap the demon, named alarm clock, right in the face and rebuke him back to the pit of fire.  On mornings, like this, after a swordfight with the alarm, I like to come to work and enjoy a cup of fresh, steaming, hot coffee, and most the time I’ll French press it myself.  Well I am completely out of coffee (which is rather pathetic since my wife works for Starbucks) and was forced to approach the communal coffee pot in the break room at work.  It kinda felt like that scene on Lord Of The Rings where Frodo is walking up to the volcano’s edge and peering over. I probably had a similar look on my face…But no hair on my feet.  I just say no to hobbit foot beards.. ANYWHO! While I sat, sipping on my volcanic, evil, earthy, break room, tree bark coffee, I put on my headphones and started in on some worship music to get my heart and mind put back in the right place (Bethel’s “The Loft Sessions”, in case you want to check it out.  It will MESS YOU UP... In a good way).  I used to hate the fact that I get to work so early (I carpool), but I’ve started to use the extra time to dig in to His word and spend some time simply soaking my mind and heart in His presence.  WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE THIS MAKES!   I know you’ve heard this message preached by every preacher ever in the history of anything, but let it REALLY sink in.  Think of it this way… Kids learn from watching, listening, and then doing.  If we place a child in an environment where swearing is the norm, you will soon hear that child begin using some not so cute words.  They may not have any idea what those words mean at the time, but they have absorbed some of the atmosphere they have been exposed to.   We are no different!  We soak up, over time, the atmosphere we are exposed to.  I used to work at a job that painted itself to be great, but actually turned out to be HORRIBLE.  Almost every single person in that place hated it there!  The atmosphere was always heavy and depressing, and soon it began to permeate my life outside of the workplace.  It actually got so bad that I got physically sick for a week! God’s presence changes the atmosphere were in!  That’s why we NEEEEEED to spend time consuming His word, talking to Him, and worshipping Him.  Let His presence soak you and you will inevitably begin to experience change!  Even if your environment doesn’t change, the atmosphere will!