Monday, August 27, 2012

Right now, you are at a crossroad. You can either go straight, or turn to the right, or turn to the left. You may be able to choose any of those roads and find what God has for you, or you may have a single choice. Whatever it is, know this, God’s desire for you right now, as you are reading this, is to grow you, elevate you, and accelerate you in to the greatness that He has created you for!
Now some people may take that word greatness to mean fame, fortune, and something like pastoring a giant super mega church in Miami right on the beach. If that is the vision that God has given you, then ask Him what things in you need to be clipped, grown, torn, and sown.Lets start with the things that need clipping. These areas are simply areas of your life that may actually be quite healthy, but are getting a bit messy and overgrown like vines on your deck. There may even be some dead leaves here and there. So God begins to point those things out and clip them off! Soon the vines start to look beautiful and majestic (I’ve always loved vines on houses and stuff like that. I think it makes the house kinda look like a castle or something. Maybe that’s just me wanting to live in a castle… With a moat… And a dragon…And a sword). What’s so interesting about vines is the fact that as they grow, they climb higher and higher, binding themselves tightly to whatever structure it is they find.How about Growth next? Growth is ESSENTIAL! Without growth, you stay in one place, taking in the same information, effecting the same people, who will probably then mature and move forward, leaving the “growthless” person to become more and more ineffective. Right now my wife and I are preparing for our first little one, and I cant even begin to tell you how excited that makes me! I have wanted to be a daddy SO much, and now I get to see that dream/desire fulfilled! I am constantly amazed by the rate at which our baby is growing! We are always reading up on the different stages of our little ones development just so we are informed and walking along side him/her (haven’t found out what baby will be yet…And I refuse to call my child “it”). We also know that if baby stops getting the nutrients he/she needs, baby stops growing, and if baby stops growing, life gets drained and eventually emptied. Now that’s not going to happen to baby. That may have been a heavy way to look at this, but it gets my point across. If you are not getting the nutrients that you need (time with God, His living word, fellowship) then eventually you will become a dead Christian (which is basically a dead person with a Jesus stamp). I’m preaching to myself here as well so don’t feel like I’m picking on you. I have to remind myself of this every day!!!What needs to be “torn” out of you? There are things that sometimes attach themselves to us that have the potential to cut off growth, or drain us of joy, or both! Those things are parasites that need no light and gentle treatment, but need to be torn right off! Git that junk out of your life! Its like a big nasty patch of fabric on a pillow (I’m not much of an arts and crafts kinda guy but I think this thought might work… We shall see). You can either leave it there, and nobody will want to use that pillow. So it will sit on your couch wallowing in its big nasty pillowness. OR, you can tear that nasty part off, and sow something beautiful in its place (or rather, God will tear it off and cover the scar with His son).