Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Feet Are To Dressed For This

Why do I insist on getting my work out in while I'm still in my work clothes.  Today at work, World Vision, the entire staff was let off early so that we could fellowship together at a big, yearly function, complete with softball game.  Since I was getting off at 11:00am and not the usual 3:00pm, and because its been such a nice day, I thought would be a great idea to go on a brisk walk home... Half way the I started thinking about my actions as the blisters formed on my black dress shoe covered feet, but I pressed on.  Then came the lovely burning sensation caused by my friction heated jeans as I trudged down the sidewalk, but I kept moving. Now many of you, like me, are on the path to healthy, and fit living... I haven't made it there yet so I'm gonna need to stop for a water and cookie break here and there, but I tell you what...  Making it home after a long walk like that, in the beautiful Washington sunshine sure does my heart good (pun intended).   If your a reader here, why don't you share your favorite sunshine activities, but let's make it interesting.  Share it in poem form. Example: I love to go walking outside in the sun, while the light toasts my face like a hamburger bun.