Friday, August 24, 2012


Its one of those Fridays that feel, in my brain, like a Monday.  Sure, I’m excited for the weekend, as always, but lately my mind has been racing with thoughts of the future and how I can support my family through the things I truly love an am passionate for.  So how do I get there?  What steps need to be taken?  What new ways can I find to “get my name out there”?  How is my work effecting people and family?  These are just a few of the questions that are rolling around my head like a hamster ball on a hill.
So now I begin digging, thinking, writing, singing, talking, thinking some more, pausing for a beverage, and then back to more creativity, until something sticks.  God has created each of us with such amazing gifts, passions and desires, and I don’t believe for one second that those things would be planted in us and wasted.  
So how do we move forward?  Its certainly not as easy as it was when I was a kid.  I’d just plant my butt on a skate board, give myself a little nudge toward the hill, and pray I didn’t fall off (wearing shorts for this activity was a bad idea).  But maybe it is that easy?  Maybe the need is actually momentum?

Momentum: The impetus of a body resulting from its motion.

Impetus (Word Origin): 1641, from L. impetus "attack, assault, onset, impulse, violence, vigor, force, passion," related to impetere "to attack," from in- "into" + petere "aim for, rush at".

I love the above words because they pretty much paint the picture of what passion is.  Especially “Impetus”.  I think that would be a great name for a boy.

“Do you know what your name means son?  Violence, attack, assault…”

Ok, maybe not, but still a great word!  One that we need to apply to the things we are passionate about!  If you step in to something and give, just enough to get by, then you’re not truly passionate about it, or maybe that passion has not yet been ignited.  And when it does ignite, forward motion, or momentum is created and slowly begins to build!  
I think this is the place I am currently in.  Momentum is building, and I’m coming up on some dips in the hill where greater speed will be gained.