Thursday, August 30, 2012

On this great morn!  As the son surely rises! I make a declaration!!!  
Ok seriously now, I just love coffee and felt the need to vent that 155 degree passion on to you.  But I wouldn’t do that if it was like a Mcdonalds cup of coffee.  That stuff is like radioactive acid brewed in satans french press.  Anyone who has ever spilled even a drop on your tan slacks knows that any region it touches is forever void of hair and nerves.  I theorize that my future kids may have been burnt by that stuff.
“Zach, why the heck would you start out your next post in such an obscure and odd manner?”
Well old chap, I have a bit of encouragement and plea for those in leadership (I’ll explain more about what I mean by “leadership” a little later in the post).
Now before I get deep in to this, I’m seriously preaching to myself here as well, so I’m not picking on you, I’m picking on myself…And you.  But just a little (unless you just spilled your Mcdonalds coffee on your crotch this morning.  Then irony commands that I giggle a bit).
We were created to be in relationship first, with God, and second, with each other!  We are meant to, as brothers and sisters in Christ, lift each other up, and then as individuals move “out” of our Christian bubbles to build relationships with people who need Jesus.  Heres where some of you may raise an eyebrow.  I don’t think we should start hanging out with someone or meeting with someone with the purpose of “converting them”.  The conversion is a heart change that only God can accomplish, so our role is to simply love on people!  SIMPLY LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!
Gay, lesbian, bi, drug addict, porn addict, angry, enraged, broken married people, whole married people, same sex married people, people who hate you because you are a Christian Etc.
As I’m typing this I really feel like a broken record because that statement has been said so many times by so many people.  But I’ll say it again, hoping that this VERY simple concept breaks through to some hearts.  When we leave out the judginess, everything simplifies!!!  WHAT A STINKIN CONCEPT!!!  SIMPLICITY!!!
SO!  As a leader in the kingdom (and that means if you have Jesus, you are destined to lead in some way)… JUST LOVE.
Talk with people, get to know them, support them, build relationships and just LOVE!  Let God work on their hearts through your willingness to simply love them!