Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Carpooling is an awesome thing, especially when you are a one car family. One person drives, and the other helps out with gas, both are generally pretty happy. I love this concept because it gives me time to talk one on one with some of my favorite people! But it also gets me to work pretty early because I start 30 minutes after my carpool buddy. Since we try to get there about 10-15 minutes before he starts, that puts me at about 45 minutes before my shift. What a great chance to dig in to some podcasts!!! So I French press some coffee (cuz that’s how it should be done…Seattle has ruined me), and slap on the headphones.

This morning I started digging in to an amazing podcast about preparing for breakthrough. Without going in to all the details, it basically covers the different phases we need to go through as we begin fasting for breakthrough. I think there are WAY too many of us who start a fast and end up skipping meals without actively pursuing the breakthrough we need, so we miss out on what God truly has for us during those times. Well I tell you what, I’m not ok with simply being hungry. I want to see my breakthrough!!! Just the little bit I got through this morning has started messin’ me up! So here are a few little bits for you to soak in…

The first phase of breakthrough preparation is to hear (check out 2 Cor 5). We need to get ourselves to a place where we can hear the voice of the Lord, and then ask these types of questions.

What is it I’m breaking through to?

What is it I’m trying to break through from?

What do you want to see manifested on the other side of the breakthrough?

If we don’t know what we don’t know what breakthrough we are moving towards, we will miss it!

The second phase is to perceive (check out John Esther 4:1). We need to understand that there are things that we cannot co-exist with on the other side of breakthrough. So those things need to be ripped off of us! We need to perceive those things in advance!

Well, since I have not been through the remainder of the podcast, we will stop there for now. But there will be more to come! If you would like to check out some more amazing podcasts from the amazing leadership at Overcomer Covenant Church, please head on over to!