Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thoughts today

Lord, Of all the places for you to wreck me, you do it at work… I am so amazed by You! I am STILL caught off guard by the peace and refreshing you bring by simply being in the room! And then when you reach out and begin touching each person… Oh man, I cant get enough! Lord pour out on this team!!!! There have been several people attacked in different ways and I know that this is not your desire for us! Pour out Your strength and completely cover our weakness!!! Pour out your peace and cover our anxiety, Pour out your clarity to bring vision to jumbled thoughts.

I feel like today was a marker of some kind. I’m not sure how yet, but there was a flag placed in the ground here, an altar built to remember this moment. Father what ever wall just fell, thank you so much. Even though I fancy myself a wordsmith of sorts, I still cant truly find the words to express to you how much I love you.