Friday, June 29, 2012


There are days when you just want to push pause on everything, or maybe just push the slow motion button (cuz lets face it, everything is WAY more epic in slow motion).  Right now, I'm having one of those moments, but not in a negative way.
Last night, my wife and I ventured out, as we normally do on Thursday evenings, to meet with our church worship team and gear up for Sundays set of services. What I didnt expect was the movement of Gods presence that completely overtook us that night.  It is evident to me that a stirring is happening in the heart of Gods people and if you are here in Washington state, near Federal Way, you NEED to get to Overcomer Covenant Church for the Freedom Conference starting on Sunday!

Fairly recently our worship pastor, Pastor John Dunn, asked if I would teach a song I wrote a while back to our team.  We introduced it the following Sunday and God moved!!!  The song is called Overtaken By You, and it came from a place in my heart that was, and is, yearning to be completely covered up in everything that He is.  The chorus of the song simply says, "Oh, I want to be overtaken", and the bridge cries out, "We pray for rain".

For a little while this song faded in to the many mp3 files stored on my computer, but over the past couple months it has become my anthem. 
Below is the youtube video I recorded of this song.  Not the best quality, and I've done better singing before, but you'll get the point.