Saturday, June 30, 2012

God, you spoke the word "acceleration" to me not too long ago.  for a while I took my time, expecting acceleration to be something that I could simply float in to... I believe I was wrong so right now I step in to the acceleration you have spoken over me.  I receive what you have spoken over my life!!!

Well kids,
I'm kinda just ready to sprint!  All out, pedal to the metal, foot to the floor, 0 to 60, and get stuff done!!!  I dont want to miss what god has for me!!!  I've stayed so active in my daily life that I think I've let some things fall by the wayside, even those things that I've dreamt about for so long. 
One of those being my health.  I dont have any health issues right now, but I could down the road if changes arent made.  So the wife and I joined a gym and are working hard to get in shape and change our life habits. 
I've also committed my Saturdays for the most part, to my craft, songwriting. 
Most of the time Sarah works in the morning, so I can take that time to dig in and get my creativity flowing as well as finish other musical projects that have yet to get done.
There are some amazing things I have started and have yet to finish, but when we finally get through them they are sure to effect the lives of people around the world!  At least thats the goal.

So keep an eye and an ear open as some new tunes, and eventually an entirely new album is thrown your way!!!  I am planing to release what I am lovingly dubbing "Worship In Low-Fi", sometime in the next few weeks.  this is a simple, home grown project that i have been tinkering with here and there.  it will contain some new and original worship songs for you to simply kick back and enjoy.  I've tried to gear some of them toward the "church friendly" side of things in case anyone felt lead to use the material.

I'm going to go do something productive now.  Yall come back now... Cuz if you dont, I will haz a sad.