Friday, June 15, 2012

Easily Amused Boredom.

In my honest opinion, America had got to be one of the most easily amused places on the planet.  And don't think that to be a "judgy" statement at all.  I lump myself in with the best of those who get a giggle out of captioned cat pictures about cheeseburgers and straight up cuteness.  But could there be more? What about all those plants waiting for captions?  Aren't they yearning for a fast food related comment too?  Today I stand up for those animals and inanimate objects longing for their time in the sun.  Lets out our amusement to good use and save those less fortunate then ourselves from a life of non-LOLdum!

(This message brought to you by Zachs wife, who was late picking him up from work...thus causing a small amount of boredom to come forth from his easily amused mind.)

(love you honey!)